Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SAIC after earning report!! After Hours: 18.00 +1.12 (6.64%) Apr 11, 4:37PM ET

WINNER: SAIC (SAI) .....After Hours: 18.00 +1.12 (6.64%) Apr 11, 4:37PM ET

TAKE the 5% gain!!!!
we are on a roll!

Original BUY ON THE DIP (SAIC) POST from last Thursday:

Chalk one up to the DIP LOGIC, the DIPfolio, and all that is DIP!


Rav said...

WOW! I love you guys! Just bought this stock before math class, and after math class... I'm rich!!!

Anonymous said...

i bought it late last night after noticing it was near it's post-IPO low. I figured almost no matter what news they gave today would be a boost.

Anonymous said...

we love the DIP!!!!

Rav said...

I wonder if it will go up tomorrow... I do want to lock in the gains.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

DIP LOGIC says to take profits at a 5% gain (with about 1/2 of your initial investment depending on the "feel" of the stock)...and again at 10% gains...but each stock has a slightly different appeal...SAIC is one that can't seem to hold gains. So take more off the table than usual...note, they do have a large buy back ability and will be a slow long term grower, if you have the time**good luck.