Friday, April 27, 2007

DIPfolio update - oddballs & earnings season!

TWI 29.06+1.17 (+4.20%)

TITAN sales hit record high !

Last 2.73
Change +0.115 (+4.40%)

and ....during regular hours CAMECO CORP (CCJ)
46.25 +0.91 (+2.01%) ...


Anonymous said...

RGRP had a nice dip just at the start of the session with sufficient volume for me to get in at $2.60/2k shares enough to make a couple of hundred bucks by the day's end. I don't think anybody could get it on TWI at a sensible price, so that play was theoretical at best.

Now when will that CCJ announce something. After 8 pm? My broker has no clue!

Anonymous said...

Well earning that were supposed to be released on Friday are listed now as due Monday before the markets open. However they have already been posted Saturday on their Web site. The earnings were 16¢, closer to Zaks (0.14) than to Reuters (0.20) Optimistic guidance for 2007.