Monday, November 5, 2007

Who wants to be 1st anyways? .... 2nd SOLAR rocks!!!

BOTD was looking to add a SOLAR play.....then First Solar gets bid up 7%+ after hours on a 1 billion deal! (we missed the dip-ortunity today to $141) now what?

Can we get some pin-action from the sun?

BOTD adds YGE at $35!
Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited
its CHINA, its GREEN, its ENERGY!

BOTD option pick = DEC 22, 2007 $ 35.000 CALL (YGELG : OPRA) $4.70 & ask $5.00 ....just need to hit $40 before x-mas!


Kenny said...

Looks like SINA is on a DIP today ... anythoughts? Still riding the Cisco options.

Jason said...

Earnings on Thursday morning, let's hope they do well!

Kenny said...

Sold some .CYQKT for 113% profit not bad ... just couldnt sit on that much profit till the earnings report. Dont wanna be a pig.