Tuesday, November 6, 2007

NOV for NOVEMBER update .... OIL is $100! ~ National-Oilwell Varco, Inc. (NYSE:NOV)

The BOTD pick of NOVEMBER was NOV! .... remember way back then on NOV 1st ... when we added this BLACK BEAUTY of silky lovelyness! NOV $72.500 CALL (NOVKV) 2.50-1.00 (-28.57%)

..... just today = 6.90 +3.68 (+114.29%)

OIL + OPTIONS = BIG MONEY for the DIPfolio!

p.s....and hopefully you bought the BUNGE (BG) option reco (BGAB) the same day, another sexy dip chart! (options up 35%+)

p.s.s. OPTIONS ARE THE SHIT! sure we lost our ass on CORX calls .... but ... CSCO calls up 125% with earnings tomorrow after the close we will be taking 'some' profits tomorrow day, NOV up 135% in 4 days and OIL still needs to hit $100 tomorrow (**wink, wink**), JEC up 50% and going higher, BG up 35% for the 2nd time around, POT is still our favorite ticker, MON will hit new highs again soon (agriculture stocks are on fire: check out AG & AGU which we don't own)... our Brazilian babies RIO, PBR, CPL and the rest of our 1/2 of BRAZIL up 1000% = LOVE LOVE LOVE...how many times did we post BRAZIL, BRAZIL, BRAZIL? ... and ofcourse, last but not least.... RIMM the RULAE profits over 125%!!! (what we are trying to say is BUY OPTIONS ONLY & make more money when you are right!)


Anonymous said...

p.s. CAM is under $100 right now.

with a split coming soon.

we say BUY under $100!!!!

then call us in 30 days

Anonymous said...


we also bought gold, it didnt dip so we didnt post it but we added


bid .30cents, ask .35cents

NEM option play above $70 by JAN????!!!!!!

go team!

Anonymous said...

I have an options question...can you sell the like you sell a stock? I though once you opened a contract, it was yours to either exercise before it expires or it expires worthless.

Anonymous said...

I believe you can sell it like you sell a stock, just based on the value of the contract itself.

"Buy to open" - Buy the contract
"Sell to close" - Sell the contract.

Play safe , options are as dangerous as they can be fun :)

Anonymous said...

BOTD, CSCO down 8% after hours. Comments?

Jason said...

Any option picks for CAM?