Saturday, November 3, 2007

NAME THAT CHART? ....hmmm... Icelandic & Dubai Investors?

BOTD added this RETAIL , what ?, yes RETAIL beauty on AUGUST 21st
-1.11 (-6.19%)
and again on AUGUST 22nd
-0.65 (-3.86%)

...with a 250%+ options gain play that expires NOV 17th must take profits! (click here for OG RECO's & answer to NAME THAT CHART?~)
p.s....sorry about CORX and TGT. fuck U.S. Retail. although it does look so damn cheap with JWN hitting a new 52 week tempting,
but not.


BUY ON THE DIP said...


can we please get a "DIP" in GOLD?

thank you.

Anonymous said...

check this thing out.

Anonymous said...

We all know this is SKS

Anonymous said...

Sks is starting to get hot, why sell?