Thursday, October 11, 2007

WE GOT A DIP!!!! ....what did you buy?

RIMM had one of the SEXIEST quarters we've seen...stock jumped from $96 to $118 we watched it tumble to $105 then back to $110 , then back to $108 ... now at $111.

why buy for $111 when you can leverage your bet with OPTIONS ...... buy RIMM under $9 bucks at the open!


JAN 19, 2008 $ 125.000 CALL (RULAE : OPRA)
-1.25 (-12.32%)

....the ask is at $8.85!


BUY ON THE DIP said...

if we didnt already have large positions , we would buy more BRAZIL:

CPL down 61.00
-2.126 (-3.37%) ...with 9%+ dividend.

SBS 51.60 -1.96 (-3.66%) with 4% dividend. (if it hits $50 again, we will buy more)

PBR 82.43 -0.95 (-1.14%)

BUY ON THE DIP said...


FCX @ 112

CAM @ 103.50

NOV @ 77

Anonymous said...

sounds like everyone is scared and the market is shit...blah, blah...

we will buy this dip until we run out of money...every 5% or so...

pick your favorite stocks and BUY ON THE DIP!

Anonymous said...

what do you think of RIO in the short term? i got a bunch of nov 35-45 calls. should i buy more if RIO goes down? thanks

Linda and Barry Nichols said...

Buying the call is one way but why not sell the PUT and not use your own money to make the same play.

Anonymous said...

RIO has been one of the best BOTD stocks.

it will go to 25 P/E

always....BUY ON THE DIP!

Anonymous said...

googlefinance post from AUG.

From: - view profile
Date: Thurs, Aug 23 2007 10:27 am

we see that RIMM has the corporate world locked up!

if you have a 2 person, 300, or 10,000+ person company and need
everyone to communicate via phone & email ... ...RIMM is THE
"corporate communication" play!

....not a cell phone play, but corporate communication! HUGE monthly
service plans for these corporate contracts......its not like these
big companies are going to buy all their employees iphones to
communicate, and not MOT and NOK, and the others..... they just don't
compare to RIMMs business/corporate communication model.

go team!

Anonymous said...


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