Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NYX hits $90! ..... our lil' puppy is all grows up!

NYX was the lil' puppy DOG of the DIPfolio...and was the stock that taught us the POWER OF OPTIONS and LEVERAGE! (NYXAO 100%+ gains, take some profits)
$90.00 .....time to celebrate!
p.s. ....ICE hit $175 today


Anonymous said...

hit $91.20!

BUY ON THE DIP said...

just HIT $92!

making money is fun =^)

Anonymous said...

Bought a lot of this as its price went down. The last I bought was at 91

If not green at least I dont see red any more :)

Next stop 110 with the fed's rate cut?:)

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. When your stocks go down, you say HOORAY, buy on the dip!!!!!111!! But when your stocks go up, you say HOORAY they went up! Do you ever not celebrate?

I'm just saying, you should tell us when we should get out of stocks that aren't working as well.

Also, what do you think of AMZN's dip?

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for visiting my site! I'll be looking for trades from you from now on!

Anonymous said...

What do you not get? You decide for your self when you want to get out.

What else do you want BOTD to do for you? Send you over some hot chicks and a nice feather bed to sleep on? While they are at it would you also like Warren Buffet sent over to you personally to place trades for you?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

haha , thanks for the support team.

the idea is to time these HOT stocks and buy when they are beaten up for no good reason.

this is how we got into RIMM, BG, POT, etc....when a stock "you" LOVE or wish you owned is down BIG in the RED , ... pick up a few shares....if you believe it will hit new highs stick with it, buy more if it goes below "your" entry point by 5 to 10%...then when it takes out new highs take some profits.

its hard to tell you when to buy or sell, we dont know your "initial investment" , or your "risk tolerence" ....are you looking to make 10% over a month, or 50% in three days, do you like options or stocks....what are your goals with the purchase?

let me know what stocks you like, how much you have to invest, lets have an "investment goal" in mind before we pull the trigger,...

and then BUY ON THE DIP!