Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CROX ....Extended Hours: Last 58.55 Change -16.35 (-21.83%)

not sure what all this means..but we know what down 20% means ....ouch!

CROX 3Q Earnings Alert: Thomson Financial 63c

4:02 pm
Crocs Inc. Raises 2007 Rev $820M-$830M >CROX Dow Jones Newswires
4:02 pm
Crocs Inc. Raises 2007 EPS $1.94-EPS $1.98 >CROX Dow Jones Newswires
4:01 pm
Crocs Inc. 3Q Rev $256.3M Vs $111.3M >CROX Dow Jones Newswires
4:00 pm
Crocs Inc. 3Q Net $56.5M Vs Net $21.5M >CROX Dow Jones Newswires


Anonymous said...

CROCS INC (CROX): * Third quarter earnings per share $0.66 * Third quarter revenue rose 130 percent to $256.3 million * Forecasts fiscal year 2007 earnings per share $1.94 to $1.98 * Forecasts fiscal year 2007 revenue $820 million to $830 million * Reuters Estimates third quarter earnings per share view $0.63, revenue view $259.76 million * Reuters Estimates fiscal year 2007 earnings per share view $1.97, revenue view $836.98 million

Anonymous said...


-- Third Quarter Revenues Increased 130% to $256.3 Million vs. $111.3 Million Last Year --

- Company Reports 3Q07 Diluted EPS of $0.66 vs. $0.27 Last Year-

-- Company Raises FY07 Guidance to Revenues of $820 to $830 Million and Diluted EPS of $1.94 to $1.98 –

-- Company Introduces FY08 Revenues and EPS Growth Targets of 35% to 40% --

Anonymous said...

Extended Hours:
Last 58.86
Change -15.89 (-21.26%)

revs below consensus

not much we can do now but pray for conference call lovin or dip buyers tomorrow.

our 85.52% gain on CQJAB ...will now be negative 10% ...
if the decline holds, which it looks like it will.

Anonymous said...

i would think you're CQJAB option would be down more than 10%.

looks like crox will open below 60 tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Extended Hours: Last 57.00 Change -17.75 (-23.75%)

the pain continues...

Anonymous said...

Cant win 'em all. Move ON!

Anonymous said...

nope, not trying to rub it in.

you guys are awesome! but very much disappointed with crox. you guys were on a roll. you played rio's earnings with such confidence that i thought you might have some "good" sources. RIO blew out earnings. You guys are good. but what happened to CROX? thought you might have the same "good" source on CROX. Guess you guys are human after all and are not affiliated with GS.

Looking forward to your next multi-bagger options plays!

Anonymous said...


BUY ON THE DIP said...

thanks team.

we WILL get it back.

CSCO, RIMM, PBR, RIO, CPL, all of Brazil, EMC was a win, MON, POT, and BG still go higher...HK is filing its spinoff IPO ticker (HKE) soon... :-)

ok we feel better.

Anonymous said...

CRAMER tonight on CROX

CROX is a sell, he said. The stock has gone from $13 when Cramer recommended it to $75, but has since dropped to $58. “I’m done with Crocs,” he said.

Anonymous said...

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