Thursday, October 18, 2007

NYX added to S&P 100 & 500! KAAABOOOOOM!

After Hours: 87.01 +4.37 / +5.29%

NYX gets some good lovin'



Anonymous said...

FINALLY! Cant imagine how many times I was considered dumping NYX and taking a loss.

Bought it originally on Cramer's recomendation...

Anonymous said...

I mean " many times I have considered ... "

Anonymous said...

yep, we added at 98, 82, and then again at 69 w/ the power of options!

....its been the DOG of the DIPfolio

good thing we made a killing on the NYX options on the dip....that kept us in this stock.

AND now we are even more convinced that the exchanges, stock trading and more specifically options trading is in BOOM MODE!

LONG: NMX, ICE, and our puppy NYX!

Anonymous said...

so nice.