Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Real Estate reco? yes, but this "PRO" is global and commercial.... ProLogis (PLD: NYSE)

PROLOGIS SH BEN INT (PLD: NYSE) ....check out the chart...P/E is low around 17ish...Real Estate is on a dip, we all know that, ... but .... this REIT/Global/Industrial/ Commercial/Leasing play is not a house in the suburbs ..... they own and lease big buildings in booming markets. Lets go Pro!

-0.77 (-1.34%)
.....BUY On the DIP!


Anonymous said...

At NAREIT industry conference, PLD states that it is continuing to see strong demand for space from its existing tenants and believes rising global trade will continue to bolster growth. The company intends to focus future development in existing countries, which account for more than 75% of global trade. We look for the REIT, which generates about $500 million in free cash flow, to continue using its funds management business to acquire properties with attractive returns. We are keeping our 12-month target price of $72.

Incansun said...

This stock is taking an undeserved beating, don't people know that this stock is not in the residential real estate? Also, this stock has a decent dividend payment, I'm long on PLD!

Anonymous said...


57.88 +0.98 (1.72%) Jul 2 9:48am ET

Anonymous said...

58.34 +1.44 (+2.53%)

Anonymous said...

still going up...nice timing on this one!

59.09 +2.19 (3.85%)

Trading Goddess said...

I love the colors you use in your site!!! (I confess to being a visual person.) ;)

Keep up the great work you are doing over here!

btw, do you not "link exchange"?

Anonymous said...

ProLogis Inks Cinram to 241,000SF U.K. Lease

July 03, 2007: 04:42 PM EST

mo money!!!

Anonymous said...


up 5% in 3 days. nice.