Friday, June 15, 2007

The DIPfolio hits NEW HIGHS! .... and.....OPTIONS are our new best friend!

yes, we are a bit excited about this one...shouldn't we be?... our BEST WEEK EVER, our best "call" ever (option paid 290%+ gain) on Aecom Tech (ACM),... repeated 52-week highs for our BABY PetroHawk (HK), Croc's (CROX) kicked in a pair for over 10%, the DOW came back from last Thursdays 200 point dip, our "steel price vendor excitement" in US Steel (X), GERDAU Ameristeel(GNA) and others jumped, dumped, and now most are back to even,, ... per the recommendation of one of our favorite readers, adar, we took (MPEL) off our daily watch list and then today it jumped 4%+, haha...thanks ADAR!, out of site, out of mind, right?.... sexy ass Brazil keeps climbing with (RIO) and (SBS) coming back from their respective dips ... and last but definitely not least we got a new BOTD logo courtesy of our "new" sexiest female reader!!!, .........lets go to the tape for a review.

FRIDAY of last week....we went off, with one of our lengthier post to is the link:

and notice the DIPfolio buy target under 22.
Here is the chart, look at the "DIPortunity" on monday, as is fell under $22 and was red for half the day. We asked for it, we got it, we bought it.

click the chart for better view of "oversold" dips...


cha-ching....300% gain.

Here is our reco:

Risky play:AECOM TECHNOLOGY CORP DELAWARE COM JUL 21, 2007 $ 22.500 CALL...0.80-0.90 (-52.94%), be careful...DIPortunity knocks!

p.s. this "call" actually was at .70cents for a while on monday...did else get in on this? 300%+ gains... we believe!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the huge gains! is a great site and I find myself checking back multiple times a day to see if there are any new updates. Lets definitely see more option plays! I wouldn't mind a 300% gain every now and then! Keep the site runnin, the stocks comin and BUY ON THE DIP!

Your Adarsh said...

hey guyz ...congrats and thanx for mentioning me in the post [blush]. Great going on MPEL and HLYS. HLYS in fact had a very gud run in the last three sessions. Profited from the 'buy on the dip ' strategy on both of them to offset some of the losses.


Anonymous said...

nice timing on that option!

options are all about leverage and timing.

more please!