Wednesday, June 6, 2007

IF anyone cares.....

NYX is back at our entry point
-3.44 (-4.00%)

...... we BELIEVE! (don't temps us to buy more)

Extended Hours:
Last 82.40
Change -0.11 (-0.13%) .......if NYX gets in the 70's....its DISCO time! re-buy!

*****BUY ON THE DIP******

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Anonymous said...

(2:57 AM ET) TEL AVIV (MarketWAtch) -- NYSE Euronext,(NYX, Trade )the New York operator of securities exchanges, reported that in May, Euronext cash markets handled an average 25.5 million transactions a day, up 15% from May 2006. For NYSE Group exchanges, the company reported that year to date, shares handled rose 9.1% from the year-earlier period, to 2.7 billion a day. NYSE Euronext reported 32 new listings in May, including initial public offerings, closed-end funds and transfers. Euronext.Liffe reported that trades of futures and options contracts in May rose 2.6% from the year-earlier month to 79 million.