Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WINNER: CROX ....10%+ gains...

...if the shoe fits!


$83.94 = entry price
11.00% = total gain.

TAKE SOME PROFITS and let the rest ride to over 100. go team!

P.S. fucking MPEL today
-0.611 (-4.65%)
Melco PBL Entertainment (Macau) Limited (NASDAQ: MPEL), a developer and owner of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities focused exclusively on the Macau market, will make a company presentation on Tuesday, June 12, 2007, at the Goldman Sachs G2E Asia Gaming Investor Forum in Macau...not sure what they said or are saying but it doesn't look good...if we had any balls left we would buy this dip or cut our losses....but alas we just hold? what the mpel?


Anonymous said...

MPEL is becoming a pain in my ass. I too am holding after that big 12% drop shortly after the buy recomendation. I'm now down 25% and it seems to keep getting worse.

What are your thoughts on this? At what point do we face the fact that we got screwed?

Your Adarsh said...

yup yup yup same old fucking story. Just leave it. Let that bitch ride by itself gettting fucked up everday. I just took it off from my portfolio tracker. If at all there's some good news I'ld come to know of it. Will add it back to my portfolio tracker again once the casino comes into operation and the ypost good 1st quarter profits in 2008. Till then just think you never owned any MPEL. aaah this frustration. grrrrrrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

Visa Worries Maul Melco

By Nicholas Yulico
TheStreet.com Staff Reporter
6/12/2007 3:36 PM EDT
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Editor's note: "Bricks and Mortar" is a series of columns written by real estate reporter Nicholas Yulico meant to help TheStreet.com readers generate real estate and gaming-related stock ideas.


My bullish thesis on Macau casino developer Melco PBL (MPEL - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr) is taking longer than expected to play out -- but I stand by my views.

Lately, Melco shares have been slammed because of fears about the Chinese government's recent decision to restrict travel visas to Macau, the only region of China where gambling is legal. There also has been a rising short interest in the stock.

On Tuesday, Melco shares were down 4.9% to $12.50, hitting a 52-week low.

But Melco's management is finally taking steps to reassure investors, who have watched shares fall 35% since late April.

Melco recently hired Geoffrey Davis, a former Citigroup casino analyst, to work as a senior vice president handling U.S. investor relations, says a buy-side source who owns Melco shares. Davis is based in the U.S. and has already held meetings with several institutional shareholders, the source says.

The hiring of Davis is very positive news, since investors previously have had to call Hong Kong to get any information on the stock.

A call to the Citigroup equity research gaming desk confirmed that Davis left in recent months. Melco and Davis couldn't be immediately reached for comment.

Anonymous said...

more from thestreet.com above...

To try to estimate the downside in Melco's stock, I've come up with a disaster scenario for the company.

Under my calculation, I give no credit for the company's Macau condo sales; I cut my 2010 EBITDA estimate to $500 million from $600 million, and I apply an 11 multiple to that, rather than a 15 multiple.

Under this scenario, Melco stock falls to $11.50.

On the upside, I think the stock hits $21, based on $600 million of EBITDA in 2010, a 15 multiple and $1 billion of condo sales. The fact that Melco is one of just six licensed casino operators in Macau also provides downside protection.

Thus, at its current price of around $12.50, Melco offers a very favorable risk-return proposition for investors.