Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Watchlist: Southwest Air(LUV) takes off without us!

Fueled by a Bear Stearns upgrade, LUV takes flight and we missed it! SOUTHWEST has been on our watchlist since Tues Jan 30th, on Wed 31st we said "SOUTHWEST AIRLINES (LUV) everyones favorite gas guzzling air coffin is headed for a crash. Look to BUY LUV under $15!"

But alas, we never did "officially" pull the trigger and thus no LUV for the DIP MASTER.

Bear Stearns Analyst Strine-pointed out that shares of Southwest are down 35% from their peak in 2000 and down 8% since Jan. 1, 2006 even while the airline index gained 9% and the S&P is up 16%. Still, the analyst mulled over the numbers and thinks the risk/reward profile is favorable

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