Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ohhh what a beautiful day!..................... Bulls see RED!... We see Scarlett!

WORST DAY SINCE 2001! and we love it!

The market is having a beautiful down day as news of slowing growth in CHINA and softer commodities prices weights down the DOW. Our baby MPEL is getting trampled in the wake...and NYX is back in the 80's. Can you say BUYING OPPORTUNITY?!

On days like today we look through our DIPfolio for "back up the truck" BUYS. One that stands out is AMGN @ 64.53, near its 52-week low of 63.52 on 7/18/06 and note the 52 week high is 77.00 on 10/27/06....we are still waiting but anxious to re-buy under 52 low.
also.....MCO - AHEAD OF THE UPGRADE - (yes, yesterday we were ahead of the downgrade, but we like the positivity from Citi)
Moody's upped at Citi, buying opportunity seen
Marketwatch - February 27, 2007 6:05 AM ET


LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Citigroup upgraded credit rating agency Moody's Corp. to buy from hold, saying it believes the market's over-emphasis on the latest quarter rather than the road ahead has created an attractive buying opportunity. The broker told clients the stock is now off 15% since early reports of rising defaults on sub-prime mortgages, an asset class that contributes a modest 7% to 8% to revenue. "We believe Moody's is likely to prove more resilient than expected," Citigroup said, arguing that it's one of the best franchises in the information space

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