Thursday, February 22, 2007

FMD is a tough one, and we want out!

FMD dipped, and dipped, and dipped....will it stop?....we wont wait to find out.
45.59-0.60 (-1.30%)...

We want to hang on but with our first all out dud, we are selling our position...luckily we recommended on SATURDAY , ...Monday was a holiday...and TUES we watched FMD open and go straight down... we did pull the trigger under 47 and arent too bad off...down just -2.92%.....but we want out!!!
We live in the 5 to 10% gain range and cant afford to take a big loss. We do see upside for this company, but with "lenders" like New Century (NEW) going down 40%+ we cant take that risk. sell @ 3% loss. (for the riskier folks, wait for the first sign of an uptrend and dump it above 46)

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