Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hit in the HEAD with MARBLE! Dipped! - opportunity? or stop loss?

First Marblehead boosts quarterly dividend to 15c from 12c...we notice stocks tend to dip in proportion to an added dividend. The company gives the shareholders "x" dollars, resulting in "x" less dollars profit for the company, thus the stock is worth "x" less

...and remember "pi" is 2.14159265358979323...

FMD 46.19-1.60 (-3.35%)

We do have concern with some negativity toward the "lending" industries as a whole. But we also noticed The Student Loan Corporation(STU) was up +4.56(2.41%) today and had a similiar dip...we chose FMD becuase of more upside potential...and we are very interested to see if tomorrow will bring a 2nd BUY or a stop loss.

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