Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stock Market Booyah - NYX, AAPL (the dipfolio staples) & CPKI (just added) all rise on overall market bullishness!

NYX dipped and dipped again. We took advantage and the outlook is positive. 86 held its ground like a champ. TODAY
Last 93.60 Change +2.42 (+2.65%) (see chart)...One of Cramer's pick for 07:

"NYSE Group (NYX - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr): "Indeed, when that merger is done ... the Euronext deal ... the numbers will go up. ... Of the 14 analysts who follow this, only one is recommending it. NYX is my stock of the year. And I am proud to say that I backed up the truck* when it went into the 80s. Did you?" Cramer owns it for AA PLUS" -the

AAPL up! Last 89.20Change +3.30 (+3.84%)

And you know we are all-in on this one with DIP POSTION @ $83.90.

CPKI up 2.4% since we added our pizza party passion to the DIP FOLIO early tuesday morning! look to take gains at the usual 5% and 10% (see chart, see dip, love dip)

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