Friday, November 7, 2008

Trade Update: The $4.50 Car ~ General Motors Corporation (Public, NYSE:GM)

-0.30 (-6.25%)
... Save Detroit, Save America?


Anonymous said...

S&P cuts GM rating from B- to CCC+

BUY ON THE DIP said...

the car business is absolute shit!!!

We are just playing "price action"

Mattyrye said...

better idea..BOTD & POTP hoddies....i sold 10 already ..lets go fellas...

Mattyrye said...

oh yea EEV express just fueling up today, will be back in motion next week..

Unknown said...

Market will be weak on Monday but ramp into the close. Then, get yout rally caps on b/c we are going higher for a few days.

EEV: I like down here
ENER: reports Mon. am and will take a knife to the groin section.
GM is good for a short squeeze.
FXI: buy for a trade on Monday.