Friday, November 21, 2008

The 3x Basket of Rally ~ Direxion Large Cap Bull 3X Shares (ETF)(Public, NYSE:BGU)

A-tisket a-tasket ... a green and bullish basket!!
*BGU chart*
"BUYING EVERYTHING as if this is the bottom, opportunity of a lifetime! $ROM, $SSO, $BGU, etc.... "
The Basket of 3x BOTD:
BGU 26.67 +2.71 (+11.31%)
FAS 16.00 +1.35 (+9.22%)
The Basket of 2x BOTD:
ROM 17.84 +1.534 (+9.41%)
SSO 21.21 +2.20 (+11.57%)
DIG 26.30 +4.88 (+22.78%)
p.s. can this rally hold ? ... we'll find out MONDAY ;-)


BUY ON THE DIP said...

this was another pretty good BOTD quote from today:

"if we dont go down,
.... we go UP!!"

very insightful.

Unknown said...


I had a dream last night and in it my friend was working for this company that was going under.

Man, was it wierd.

Short SLG.

Sweet Dreams

Mattyrye said...

eh..sold half my spy puts at .77 the rest worthless..Is it me or them releasing that news into the buzzer on expiration day blatant manipulation..nothings changed shit sucks and citi is lucky to make it thru the weekend..I was re opening my eev at the buzzer like one of those pirates in the sea....cant control myself, eev is my oxygen...But again lots of respect boys, just nailing these swings..Well fn done..

cl said...


I've been watching SLV 2 weeks... the speed at which it falls is amazing....

cl said...

edit: SLG is a short!

not SLV---Silver Trust actually did ok Friday amidst the O'Rama! rally....will it continue next week?? he'll be announcing more team members as soon as Monday so that MAY spark a short term rally... should prove to be volatile though, amidst dismal economic data coming out same time...may wanna straddle this market, or stay in cash until I can get a sense of direction.... either way I'm ready...

cl said...

you know what else is wierd?


SL Green Rlty upgraded by UBS (Mon, Nov 10, 2008) the words of a good man