Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The SUPER PICKLE RALLY!!! ~ Market up 400 points, APA up 5 cents.

What's green & flying higher?


The BOTD "puts of power" got a nice serving of knuckle sandwich with extra pickle today... ouch!

IYRPR was up 55% , now down 25%
(under $2.50, sounds like a nice re-BUY ON THE DIP)

We tried to keep APA in the RED all day ... right before the bell, as APA rallied toward the green ... ding, ding, ding ... APA ends up 5 cents ... considering today's SUPER PICKLE RALLY , ....APA up "only" a few pennies ... could've been a lot worse, eh?

APAPU ... the "stinky puts of power-less against a bullshit rally" are currently at $4 bucks.

Must take "quick" profits in 2008; today was another reminder.


BOTD was up 33+% on APAPU ...momentarily, hmmm...we got greedy and now we sit ... at four bucks :-(

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