Monday, March 31, 2008

BOTD adds APACHE "stinky" puts! (APA .. PU)

APACHE popped to $121+ in the AM!!!

... we added our puts (p.o.p.) ...

Then watched as APA headed into the RED, could it be this easy? are we that good?
...hmmmm ... nope. APA jumped back to $121+ and ended the day green 120.82+1.77 (+1.49%)

APACHE "stinky" PUTS!

APR 19, 2008 $ 120.000 PUT (APAPU)

Day's Range
3.90 - 5.30

....4:20 bro!


Anonymous said...

not sure about this one guys

seems like a better LONG.

good luck though.

Anonymous said...

I got in at 4.70 and it immediately moved against me. Like a minute later. Still gonna hold it. Is there a time of day you want to normally avoid buying options ? I bought right after the open.

Anonymous said...

Looks like URBN is headed to the 52week high again, I missed the first drop... do you think it'll drop again?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

as for options at the open , we usually get hosed.

if you wait , or pick a limit price, you usually get it by mid/late day.

dont chase it.

if you get it at your price, take it, ...if not, dont.

Zen Pen said...

Hi, could anyone recommend a good website to get free option price graphs? It's ok if the quotes are 20 minutes delayed.