Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Future of LCD is SCARLET! ~ LG Display Co Ltd. (ADR) (Public, NYSE:LPL)

LCD beats Plasma!

LPL is the play!
-0.30 (-1.40%)

Buy on the dip... downside 10%, upside more.

Clever marketing? ~ SCARLET TV ~

"I'm going to put her in every home on the planet"


Jeb said...


Got out of MDR today with a 9% gain. I could have probably held on longer, but this trade lasted longer than I usually like, and I figured I'd take profits before the FED. You just never know...

FYI :)

Anonymous said...

nice. Its a win! Congrats...

That multiple top held like a champ...go team!

Anonymous said...

LPL up 3% + today !