Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The 60/60 TRADE update ~ BOTD vs POTP ~

What a trade!?!!   ... 60/60 .... We added LONG FWLT at $60  and SHORT MDR at $60.

BOTD wins again! 

FWLT hit $70 today
... must take profits as we near that pretty purple line.

MDR stuck at $59ish

.....  ahh,  the good ole "multiple top"

p.s. Cobra-Dog , this ones for you! 



BUY ON THE DIP said...


did you hear all the monkeys on FASTMONEY talking about MOLY today????

who's MOLY?

GMO ..ask the general!

BUY ON THE DIP said...


MDR down 3%+

go team!

Anonymous said...

LEH is above $45 right now,

buy more puts on the pop!

Jeb said...

ha. Thanks for the shout out POTP :)

YES! MDR made me feel squirrelly for a while, but today it is rockin'!

Jeb said...

jeeze. still a good day, but quite a pop from the lows we saw earlier