Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The NEW 52 week high club ... wrong side of the trade?


 ~ NEW 52 week High Today ~ $123.54 

APA hits new highs with help from the NATGAS mid-day rally monkey!!!!? ouch.  

1. The Power Of Equality  (nothing is equal)
2. If You Have To Ask  (yes we lost money today)
3. Breaking The Girl (tonight, yes)
4. Funky Monks (trading stocks daily)
5. Suck My Kiss ( suck my dip ) 
6. I Could Have Lied ( we all lie ) 
7. Mellowship Slinky In B Major  (inverted Q condor ?)
8. The Righteous & The Wicked (the PRES and FED)
9. Give It Away ( the FED does! , haha)
10. Blood Sugar Sex Magik (bears stearns death bottom?)
11. Under The Bridge (is where we SHORT some POT)
12. Naked In The Rain (if this bull rally doesn't stop soon)
13. Apache Rose Peacock (new highs, smokin' NATGAS)
14. The Greeting Song (hello recession) 
15. My Lovely Man (BIG BEN savior of Markets)
16. Sir Psycho Sexy ( lover of bulls )
17. They're Red Hot (puts on the pop)
****** new highs = new lows for put prices! BUY ON THE DIP! 

 ~ NEW 52 week High Today ~$33.96! 
.........this sucks!  we suck! 

DIE TRENDY "high P/E" HIPPY "growth" RETAIL, DIE!  

p.s.   ... hmmm.... can the REAL ESTATE RALLY Really breakout?

 IYR $68.59 

.... was above $69 today ... 

if it breaks above $70???

(p.s.s  next buy on IYRPR under $1.00???, fuck lets hope we don't have to use our last allotted IYR bullet ... we try not to buy three times in a trade, but this Real Estate Rally Really needs to die... twice is nice and seems to add to overall gains, three times feels a bit desperate)   ... wish us luck.  


BUY ON THE DIP said...

COF hit $55 today, did anyone add more puts?

Unknown said...

I asked if you were NUTS when you shorted CBG a while back. With all the hedge funds trading in the index it seems most have covered their positions and left the party for now. With the dollar so damn low... all my foreign Bush haters are buying up American real estate hand over fist. I'm long in this index. Time will tell - I don't always agree with ur trades - but I enjoy reading your blog. HH