Sunday, November 28, 2010

SPECULATIVE SUNDAY: Home Entertainment ~ Trident Microsystems, Inc. $TRID

$TRID under $2.00 

the LEADER in TV VP ... Trident Micro! 

BUY $TRID under $2

1) "Best of Breed" SoC (System-on-Chip) maker.

2) TV-VP MARKET: $2,000,000,000 (billion)

3) TRIDENT = 14% of worldwide TV video processing revenue.

4) 2,000 PATENTS in IMAGE, POWER, and 3DTV.

Trident PRODUCT strengths
      Trident integrates RoxioNow Platform into Chipset for HDTVs
"Consumers want to combine the quality from their digital TVs with the variety and flexibility they receive from streaming," said Dirk Wieberneit, SVP & General Manager of Trident's TV business unit. "RoxioNow provides us with an ideal ready-made solution to give them what they want. Building RoxioNow into our HDTV SoCs makes it easy for our customers in the DTV market to take advantage of the explosive growth in demand for high-quality streamed video content."
Trident's highly integrated, programmable SoC semiconductors act as the brains for DTV and other digital media displays, providing image processing and optimization for video and computer graphic signals. Sonic's broad implementation on device chipsets is expected to result in RoxioNow-powered storefronts appearing on over 95% of all connected BD and HDTV consumer electronics devices shipping over the next several years.  (press release)  
p.s.  PARTNERSHIP: Sonic Solutions ($SNIC)
           ...... from HOLLYWOOD to HOME.
        Roxio®, RoxioNow™, DivX®, and MainConcept

BONUS:  check MHL player Silicon Image $SIMG 
               ... mobile to HDTV! 

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