Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Puts of PASSION. ~ *SHORT* Exxon Mobil Corporation (Public, NYSE:XOM)


XOMNO... FEB 75s
$1.41 +0.87 (+161.11%)

... XOM
 $76.14 -3.34 (-4.20%)

the DOW is XOM heavy.  DOW 5000-6000. 

the BuyOnTheDip XOM puts "twit out" yesterday, and again at 6am. 

 ** ticker-feed snapshot from StockTwits.com above. 

congrats to Soren & Howard. StockTwits is the real deal.   

p.s.  "i" still own BAC calls and GNW.  not sure why or how?  hedged in a circle.   "we" sat as our BAC "calls of confidence" went from 116%+ to -68%.  options are fun.  i had to hold. BOTD has a "chunky" long term SHORT portfolio.  you know the names. the SHORT SOMETHING list.  DF, PNRA (milk & food) , BBY, BBBY (retail) , KUB, BA (machinery/airplanes) *did you see X today, hmm, heard it's OFF the conviction sell list at Goldman, those confused convictioner/convictionors?!  PCLN, MSFT puts, RIMM puts (techish),  PTR & the XOM puts of passion! (china, oil & more), KMB (the economy & toilet paper, LOL.) .... NITE with some leftover MS "spread the board" puts .... fuck $MS and their "clean book."  ... the BOTD "play" is buy a bunch of "chunky" short positions and trade same-month-calls around those long-term-shorts.  GET SHORT, STAY SHORT.  DOW 5000-6000.  

LONG:  DXO (stop @ cost, $2.36) , DLB (the sound of hedgness?), VIP (the russian runs) ... the only sizable long is NOTHING! 

p.p.s. we also nib'd  some SMN early today.  up 12%, looose stop .... MON was bove $85, pfft.  MON is NOT an $80 stock ...  SMN also gets you "supposedly short" FCX, MON, NUE, DD, X, AA, APD, DOW, NEM etc. 

p.p.p.s.  watch COF. 


BUY ON THE DIP said...

the 52 week low list needs to grow.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

10,000 followers for StockTwits on Twitter. uno mas!

Lubes said...

Ticker O
Anyone view this as a good short. Earnings arre after hours. Retail sales tomorrow and its right on its support possible breakdown/breakout

Realty Income Corporation engages in the acquisition and ownership of commercial retail real estate properties in the United States. The company leases its retail properties primarily to regional and national retail chain store operators.

Kidd Jones said...

RIMM pummeled pre market. Bought me $50 -$7.04 -%12... dip on. Will buy me some more has it goes down. Your thoughts on RIMM BOTD???

Kidd Jones said...

BOTD, seizure, whomever

know anywhere to get free real time VIX updates? I can not seem to find any

Anonymous said...

BOTD, You did miss shorting RIMM, didn't you? Lol.

Anonymous said...

RIMM 47.01 -10.03 (-17.58%)
BAC 5.86 +0.30 (5.40%)
XOM 75.47 -0.67 (-0.88%)
MSFT 19.15 +0.35 (1.86%) 171.14B
MS 21.83 +1.04 (5.00%) 23.47B
SMN 37.10 -1.30 (-3.39%) 211.78M
VIP 6.44 +0.44 (7.33%)

etc ...

Unknown said...

BOTD did not miss RIM...didn't you hold RIM Feb 50 puts as per doctor's prescription?
I am kicking myself that I made "ONLY" about 170% profit instead of making 700% :) The price of placing the order and being busy in the morning
Very upset with MS puts :)

BUY ON THE DIP said...

DLB 32.25 +0.71 (2.25%)
VIP 6.96 +0.96 (16.00%)

took 1/2 off RIMM.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

Fuck smn, just short stocks. Mon not $80.

Unknown said...

Any puts worth entering today? :)

Kidd Jones said...

Do you not understand making money both ways? I am a Bi-profiteer. I got the RIMM puts but I was talking about buying the dip, sticks... in other words the 17% drop in RIMM in one day almost like the AAPL drop when Jobs went down. Month later AAPL up 25% from that drop. Bought more at $47.

Unknown said...

i just believe the market will go down...

Kidd Jones said...


I was referring to another person and just realized the comment was not directed at me... Sorry I should have clarified.

Kidd Jones said...

RIMM up $1.40 in 45 minutes... on the prowl

BUY ON THE DIP said...

1/2 off XOM. that shit just ripped.

must take BIG gains. go team!

Unknown said...

Kidd - no worries :)