Wednesday, March 26, 2008

THE BREAK 50 CLUB ~ Capital One Financial Corp. (Public, NYSE:COF)

The P.O.P. chart of the DAY!  Find the pop, find the RECO.
COF $51.25 - 1.80

we got stuck at $51.00 today, arg!  
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          The BREAK 50 CLUB
                *more coming soon* 

p.s.                 Have you heard of the BREAK 40 CLUB?  
AXP45.36-2.15 (-4.53%)
JPM44.11-1.95 (-4.23%)
LEH42.49-2.72 (-6.02%)
MS47.79-1.66 (-3.36%)
MER44.42-3.43 (-7.17%)


BUY ON THE DIP said...

p.s. URBN fell 4.5% today.

have you seen the insider selling?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

good night, sleepy time.

Capital One Chairman and CEO Richard Fairbank continued his rapid sell
off of company stock on Wednesday. Over the past eight weeks Fairbank
has sold more than 21% of his shares for a total take of

AndrewHorowitz said...

Since we are seemingly looking to see COF move down, maybe you should look at this:

Jeb said...

w00t! got out today with %26 gains in COF puts. Nice call!

Jeb said...

ha. thanks :)