Monday, March 10, 2008

SMN = Sell MON Now!!!

The UltraShort ETF dipper!

+2.90 (+6.97%)
BOTD added SMN as the AG plays started to break to the upside...we dug deep with repeat BUYS as it made new 52 week our BEARishness PAID!
short MON and other toppy ag plays with SMN = Sell Mon Now!!!
p.s. CBG = 17.69 -0.79 (-4.27%) .... CBGOD up another 15%, bid at 2.30


Anonymous said...

What are your comments today? !!! $&*%&%$@#

Jeff said...

Oopps! A little ahead of ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Mon upgraded by BAC ???????
Any comments?