Thursday, December 6, 2007


DEC 22, 2007 $ 4.000 CALL (EUSLH)
...with limit buys at .35cents and sells at many times did you make this trade today?
.... with volume of 6,158 .... we hope a few!

common E*trade stock up $4.12 +0.33 (+8.71%) ..... or with the power of options 20%+ profits ... multiple times!!!

....AND our "automatic clearing house" reco from late last night..... (ACH) up BIG! $61.11+3.33 (+5.76%) ... above $62 in afterhours! did you get in under $60?


Anonymous said...

would you be buying ETFC stock here???? Please comment. Or which financial stock would you think is worth buying now?? I missed yesterday's opputunity!

Anonymous said...

where can i get historic options graphs like the one in this image? thanks

BUY ON THE DIP said...

we sold some of our etrade options the day after our reco, and more today, with our options bouncing 20%+ over and over, its been a fun trade...we are holding some through the rate cut drama, but already made 100%+ so our ETRADE trade worked...

we also see a .25 cut and the market going down. not sure if that helped at all but be careful,

for us we like the rush/gamble with something like E*trade (ETFC) and ETFC options.