Sunday, December 9, 2007

The DIPfolio goes to 30% CA$H before RATE CUT TUESDAY!

Last cut we didn't have enough reserves to make the right moves, this time we will be ready.

The Power of CASH!!! .... ..... ... we feel you Johnny!

Here is our game plan for the CUT.

1) if Market goes up Monday and early Tuesday, we only get a 1/4 point cut ... market goes to shit. (SELL BEFORE CUT)

2) if Market sells off BIG Monday and Tuesday, letting BIG BEN know that we mean business, ... we get 1/2 point cut on Tuesday and we're off to the races! (BUY BEFORE CUT)

3) if Market is flat Monday and Tuesday, we get 1/4 point and market trends slightly lower due to credit/housing debacle. (HOLD and BUY ON THE DIP)


Anonymous said...

great site guys. Just out of curiosity, where do you get the price charts for options?? I can't find them anywhere. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

should we sell everything????

the market is little bit up

Anonymous said...

PWNT by Cramer yet again

Anonymous said...

CELG down 15%

etrade trade up 100% , yes, please fuck us.

we get some wrong, we get some right.....its the stock market.

p.s. we are mad we lost money on CELG too.....but lets work to get it back.

Anonymous said...


how about doing some ta on how low yge can get before we can start dip buying. yge going down short term because of secondary.

Anonymous said...

Come on people get real.....
How many people trade options.....don't say you had 100% GAINS IN OPTIONS...How much did ya gain..even if you had 100% off 10 options....Not more than $100 profit right? But what if you just traded 10 shares of CELG..Though I had 100 CELG traded....15% of that 10 shares of CELG is more than the 100% you are claiming on options.....
What do you really think would people have traded ...CELG in Phrama or ETFC in financials?

Anonymous said...

Options are the way to make your money back. If you just own the stock try buying CELG options on this dip. Do you still like celgene? Add to your position with options! When it goes back up, you will make more.

Anonymous said...

math time

Etrade option vs. Celg common stock

10 contracts x .30cents =$300

100% gain = $300profit

10 shares CELG x $57. = $570

Minus 15 % decline = $85 loss

Or 100 shares = $850 loss.

.....either way it sucks being wrong and losing money on what? Lets make it back!

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