Thursday, December 13, 2007

NOURISHING A GROWING WORLD with AGRIUM (AGU: NYSE)....sounds profitable!

AGU down 10% from's AG-rium!
AGRIUM just issued a bunch of stock at $58 bucks....and declared their new dividend. ...maybe that's the reason for the 10% decline or this market is just gay, we're not sure.
MON, POT, BG .... and now AGU!
(does anyone like TRA, TNH, or AG?)
p.s. our EXCHANGE of frosty love is going ALL electronic... (ICE) hit $180+ today!
p.s.s.....EMC was under $19 today!!!....did you add more on the dip? .... S&P did, they upgraded EMC with a $24 target.....and CSCO is climbing back nicely! TECH TECH BOOOOM!