Tuesday, May 22, 2007


+0.23 (+4.16%)
....5%+ gains! ...


Anonymous said...

does that mean sell?

how long should we hold?

Anonymous said...

The idea is to take gains at 5 and 10%. How much of your shares you sell at these points depends on the stock. So you may sell 50% at 5% gains and the other half at 10%; or all of it at 5%; or just profits at 5 and 10% if it's something you want to hold on for longer.

This post however gave the feeling that BOTD wants to get out and move on to another stock. I took gains at 5% but I'm thinking about keeping the rest of my shares for a longer term play, maybe up to 6 months.

Anonymous said...

Up 4.45% already again today. Paid off if you stayed in. :) This one probably has longer term gains but it's never a bad idea to lock in those profits!