Wednesday, May 9, 2007

MPEL set to open!

watch this, then BUY MPEL on this dip! go team!

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Melco PBL Entertainment (Macau) Limited (NASDAQ: MPEL) a developer and owner of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities focused exclusively on the rapidly expanding Macau market, confirmed that the Grand Opening of Crown Macau will take place as scheduled on May 12, 2007.
The original public opening date of May 9, 2007 has been moved to augment the opening festivities into one extraordinary event. Highlights will include a gala party for 1,700 invited guests featuring a live show produced by the internationally acclaimed Dragone Group, a spectacular fireworks display, and a chance for the first visitors to Crown Macau to win HK$3.8 million in prizes.


Anonymous said...

this stock has been sheer unmitigated disaster for everybody involved including people who bought it at IPO (10% loss from the original $19). Granted a potential always exists for a 5% spike given it's awful history.

History you ask?

IPO $19, first day closes at $23

this place bought it at 18.1

2 weeks later 14.1

celebration when it rebounds to 15.2

Cramer takes back his initial enthusiasm (what a jerk!) , the stock climbs back nevertheless to hit its IPO price of 19. Almost 5% gain from the original 18.1.

Tanks again to. 16.5

Now waiting for it to gain a temporary 5% (17.3). Doable on some time scale I guess, but still a loss on the original 18.1 buy.

Your Adarsh said...

yya you are correct
But it was always in everybody's mind as a speculative play .. moreover we I always liked it as a long long term hold.
ok if you want to take a look at another huge dip .. Dude we got LVS..10 points dip in 6 sessions...moreover did you see the exponential curve on the charts...almost bottoming. May be a bottom tomorrow or the day after ..keep it in your records....

Hey buyonthedip guys what do you think of the dip with LVS????

wg said...

10 points on 80 is in a different league than 5 on 19. Still they more or less follow the same pattern recently, so probably as good a bet as MPEL. I see nothing exponential in LVS though, linear slide is more like it. Plenty of room below the current level for both of them to explore.