Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WATCHLIST update: RUBO down 10% the last 8 days...

so we can't catch Chipotle (CMG), or maybe we could get in now, but the chart scares us, so we look for an alternative...we do love a good burrito, and like Cramer says Mexican is the new pizza. ...and RUBIO's just signed a new advertising deal that should bring some hotness to their salsa.
and the Wifes love the fresh mex... RUBO added to watchlist, look to buy on the dip!
CURRENT PRICE = After Hours: 11.34
52Wk High:

also added: MACY's aka Federated (FD), ...and... an old Cramer Pumper (LVLT) ...and one more...Activision (ATVI). FD we have made money on before and still like MACYs model, CEO, and Alfani brand. And LVLT is just on a DIP and we can see cramers SPEC play of the year getting some additional Cramer love soon...along with CSCO. And ATVI is our Wii video game play...currently under 19, we see a quick 2 pts. go team!

also rumor around the campfire is to SHORT ,
....DELL (Last 25.96) and MOT (Last 18.30)
...any thoughts? .... if they continue to rise look for us to SHORT these names in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

activision is down 10% in the past week and a half. Half of that loss was because of taking 67 mil in charges when re-doing past accounting. The other half is pure dip.

I expect dell to dip tomorrow due to lawsuit and others. Not sure how easy it'd be to trade it effectively.

and mpel... i think is just going to keep sinking. There's no real reason for it to rise yet. Maybe some even cheaper deals in the coming days. Don't know.

Anonymous said...

DELL is up and PC sales are up...why should we short it?

Anonymous said...

RUBO is up 2% plus, big late day buys!

i like this one.