Sunday, August 16, 2009

INSURE your SUCCESS! ~ XL Capital Ltd. (Public, NYSE:XL)

JOIN the XL breakout above $15!

swing target #1 = $17.97

swing target #2 = $19.97 *

Double Dippin' with RULE #24!!

... add $RDN to compliment $XL
Diversification within the Momo! ( weekly breakout)

Swing Target #1 = $8.44
Swing Target #2 = $14+

the StockTwits RECOS (from Bottom to Top):

... "in $RDN @ $7.18"

p.s. the INS Watchlist: *click here* AIG, ABK, MBI, MTG, AFFM, ALL, AZ, & HIG.


jd said...

BOTD. my SRS Aug Calls sold for 94% gain just now. :)

really looks like i should have longer today and made even more but oh well.

jd said...

no wait, fell back down, prob got out at a decent time, if theres a big pullback i'm right back in with september calls anyway, lol.

i'm going to see how weighted it is on commercial tho, thats the real bad spot, might aim for specific commercial REITs or something.

jd said...

i'm looking for "bounce" plays either for end of day today or sometime tomorrow (especially if sell off continues tomorrow)

jd said...

BOTd, I was actually thinking of buying calls on GLD hoping for a bounce tomorrow.

didn't do it yet. .. might sit tight and watch tomorrow.

jd said...

DIG is lowest it's been in over a month too. -6.5% right now.

maybe some quick calls on that?

jd said...

Oil 67.28 0.53 0.79
Gold 939.30 3.50 0.37
Natural Gas 3.24 0.07 2.28

Futures looking good, i'm out of DIG calls with just about any decent gains. not aiming for 50% or more. 20% would work.

*fingers crossed*

jd said...

ugh, almost dumped off my DIG calls on that pop earlier, it's tough to dump off calls fast, the down side of options, hehe, might miss this one. may or may not keep holding.

jd said...

My plan would have been flawless if I bought calls on USO instead, d'oh!

jd said...

just bought Sep calls on AU ,,,

jd said...

Aug puts on TGT and SKS ON, THE, POP :)

That one is ballsy, not even recommending it, just trying it.

jd said...

ugh, painful round of options purchasing for me at this moment. heh bloodbath!

BUY ON THE DIP said...

insomnia pays! $SOMX.
2.39 +0.51 (+27.13%)
**must take some profits** 7 minutes ago

jd said...

Ameritrade called me to tell me i suck at trading options this morning. LOL

Really, it could all come back to me tomorrow or friday ,,, but today looks BRUTAL. SKS could fall back, TGT ,,, i should have gotten Sep or later calls and sat on them, retail in general will get DESTROYED, mark my word,s it's just a matter of timing, people need to figure out the consumer has been raped off all spending ability.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

jd, LOL ...options are a bitch.

i feel so warm and cuddly trading just the common. less reward, but less ass-handing.


new 52 week high for RDN today.

8.42 +0.55 (6.99%)

high: $8.47

jd said...

yeah but options are the only way you can turn $500 into $1500 fast, lol

of course you can lose it all fast too but i'm not playing with a lot of $ here, im not fully in this game.

i got two days to at least recover some of my ass on these aug calls!