Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend DIP-view: ... Stock Chart Heaven!

A Simple Concept: is Twitpic for stock charts. 

A Basic Function: upload a stock chart to Twitter and StockTwits simultaneously with  

A More Complex Approach: itself can become a visual vicarious venture of vivid stock charts from verified voyeurs with varying views. (yes, I own two toddlers and read Dr. Seuss nightly) 

If you love "Lines on Charts" like we do, you'll love!!!

The SEARCH: has a SEARCH function allowing users to view past/current charts of favorite stocks.  You can check out lines of support, pivot points, trends,  gaps, etc ... Find "uploaders" that share a common interest in a particular stock.    

Side Benefit: find new STOCK TRADERS to follow on twitter. 

Is POPULAR profitable? hmmm, not sure about that, but at least it's a "pulse" of "a market" ... The side bar contains "Most Popular Charts" ..... side-note: "Top Tickers/Top Gainers" (the most talked about stocks on StockTwits) section is becoming a nice resource for the day's movers. 

Warning: is "User Generated" ... take each chart and point-of-view and decide how it effects or affects your POV.   

A New Concept?:  hmmm, we see a lack of "barriers to entry" into the 'uploading a picture to twitter' market, but the great thing about is 1st mover advantage.  Each "hobby/interest" will soon have its own TwitPic inspired site to categorize and catalogize its fanatics pictures.  In the Stock Market world ... wins!  

What's your passion?  WE LOVE STOCKS!!!  ... it breaks down like this ~> Blogs (pictures, videos, and words), Twitter (words), (pictures),  StockTwits (community) ... How about Video??!  ... BOTD announces stock videos uploaded to twitter via youtube ...,, or my personal favorite!!!  

p.s. Don't forget ... the BOTD stock blogroll reader thingy!  .... badly in need of a face lift and real-time scrolling update functionality ... anyone know a reliable web designer? 


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