Friday, April 10, 2009

This SHEET is a ROCKIN' ~ USG Corporation (Public, NYSE:USG)

Building the BULLish Bridge to Profit!!

USG ~ Sheetrock 
$9.74 +0.93 (10.56%)

CX ~ Cement
$8.14 +0.70 (9.41%)

MT ~ Steel
$25.85 +1.81 (7.53%)

Original RECO included WOR up 9%, CNH up 15%, MTW up 25%, etc ... Missed the Rally? 
 "build a bridge, ... and get over it." 

Need a place to stay while on the job?
...  try PPS 13.12 +1.55 (13.40%) 
 Post Properties ~ Find your perfect space! 

"Buy It Now!" on EBAY. 

One, Two, ... third time's a charm? 

... check the big red bar of potential. 

SOLD 1/2 our "COC" for 300%! 

hmmm, should i put my house on EBAY? 

*Bridge School Benefit 1996 ~ Shoreline Amphitheatre*

Genworth-less (GNW) up 30%+ in 3 days,  BOTD sold on THURS "pre-non-TARP" After Hours: 2.30 -0.45 (-16.36%) 

p.s. HINDSIGHT is a BITCH ~ $FAZ 10.49 -7.35‎ (-41.20%‎) ... we could have easily added front-month $FAZ puts to protect our POS (position a.k.a. Piece Of Shit) ...  NOW, we hold in hatred until MAY, AUGUST, or OCT.  DOW 5000-6000.  Once all these "asinine banks" sell off their "inflated" shares to the public, they'll go back to shitting the bed.  Until then, i'm back to changing diapers.  cheers. 


BUY ON THE DIP said...

hindsight part 2:

$MTL instead of $MT.

Anonymous said...

You guys should make t-shirts: "I shorted the biggest weekly rally since 1933"

Kevin said...


long time no did i make coinage off the Faz 55$ lol. Those were the days....*sigh*. Thankfully, I've stayed off the faz-crack since then. Hey i've got a favor to ask. I am trying to get the google "spider" to pick up my website so it shows up on google searches. Do you mind uploading a link of my website to yours and getting peeps to click on it :P. Remember, I was the click-a-thon master when you posted a link a few months ago :P. Thx chris, ur da bomb. Long live BOTD!


Kidd Jones said...

Earnings this week
key earnings this week
BLK CSX -- Monday
GS INTC JNJ -- Tuesday
ABT -- Wednesday
JPM AMLN -- Thursday
GE C -- Friday

Financials have been, along with tech, carrying this market higher. I am struggling with myself to decide if I want to buy more JPM pre earnings. I am looking for GS to post a fabulous quarter also and since they report before JPM we could see the financials continue up if they do. SO I think I am looking to gamble come Monday and buy some BLK pre earnings and see if I can win some nachos. Rock on. Gotta hit the Business Law books. Test tuesday.

Kidd Jones said...

"Do I want to buy BAC? but I want to for the simple purposes this is going to be a behemoth of a bank and man are they going to make some money and the trend looks good but earnings may kill this and I dont want to buy to early. SOOOooo, I will buy a 2% chunk tomorrow and more after earnings."

Hindsight is 20/20 but this was my thought process on 4.6.9... BAC was $7.50 and guess who never pulled the trigger, now $9.50. FUCK! but I did buy some JPM STT MS and that was nice. Still holding my JPM STT and sold MS cause it seemed to have topped out.

EBAY looks poised to pop. Also BOTD check out DO if it breaks that $71.50 resistance its off to the races to $76.66 quick like. Chart on my blog.


Goog said...


Will it be reasonable or crazy to average down on FAZ now??? or stay away from pouring more money into that shit hole...
I am at $38 now...what do you think?

Anonymous said...

How low can FAZ actually go? I know the obvious answer is zero, so all the smartasses can hold your comments.. but what are people's thoughts on this rally?

Kidd Jones said...

SQNM looking to step out come June.

Goog said...


Will it be reasonable or crazy to average down on FAZ now??? or stay away from pouring more money into that shit hole...
I am at $38 now...what do you think?

Please shade some light on the current situation...should we average down now even it will take another 3 month to go up again???


Anonymous said...

BOTD, DE put,add faz may call

BUY ON THE DIP said...


+0.55 (5.31%)

.... sheetrock.

Kevin said...


Damn man, Don't worry-- hold yer' shorts!!! There is still 1 leg left in this bear market, you'll be laughing in the months to come. This is just a pause to your profits :P Good luck man!


plz visit my site and give me some support :P

Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

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