Sunday, February 10, 2008

RJA up too much = BOTD gets "ultra" short with (SMN)

Our "safe" commodity play (RJA) is supposed to be a slow 52 week high on FRIDAY, up 3%+ .... thats a bit toooo much. So what do we do? take more PROFITS, we will not give back gains in 2008. What do we do with our profits, flip it and get "ultra" short. Thats how this market seems to be going, anything up too much gets slapped down. 

BOTD gets "ultra" short with (SMN) ... 43.06 -1.60 (-3.58%)


BUY ON THE DIP said...

look to add more if we go under $40.

Anonymous said...

41.77 .....if you aren't in yet, go for it!

Green Greed said...

what is your assumption smn will do well? You think agri is up too much? I was looking at dba today and it too was down and that's an ETF of agri. What technical analysis are you looking at in determing your buy signal? Just curious, thanks.

Anonymous said...

we are watching MON, FCX, and others getting too high.

Sure we love the long term AG plays....but this market will sell old winners. Pot hit new high today...its just time for those to come down, people will take profits.

Thus SMN goes up.

Anonymous said...

May be just hold on for this week and buy it the next week...I think we'll hit the 12760 and come back. May be that should be a good entry ?