Friday, September 13, 2013

100% on the $100 roll! ~ $Z & $HUM

... $Z third time's a charm!
TRADE:  Long $Z October $100 calls 
 ... current price: $4.50-1.05 (-18.92%)
          TARGET = $9.00 (+100%)

The 3 Zillow Themes:  Local, Mobile, & Real Estate

     The phrase "Third time's the charm" refers to the superstition that after two failures in any endeavor, a third attempt is more likely to succeed. This is also sometimes seen in reverse, as in "third man [to do something, presumably forbidden] gets caught" ... and don't forget the classic, "there is NO such thing as a triple top!!!" 

$HUM ... affordable HEALTH CARE!

TRADE:  Long $HUM October $100 calls 
... current price: $1.85+ 0.15 (+8.82%)
TARGET = $3.70 (+100%)

The Obama Care play of choice ... HUMANA! ... all-time high, weekly breakout, and headed toward that magnet at one hundred.   The sector is STRONG!  Health Care stocks: CHARTS (click here)

full dipclosure: long both, looking for 100% on the $100 roll.