Sunday, March 21, 2010

FAITH NO LESS! ~ UnitedHealth Group Inc. (Public, NYSE:UNH)


the BOTD health care play of choice ... United Health Care *LONG* $UNH (common)

Target #1 = $36+ / Target #2 = $40+

UNITED WE CARE: Health Care Reform is a nice idea, good luck with that ... "you want it all, ... but you can't have it."

the NEW 52-week High Break Out Plays ... first was $CSCO, new highs, then $WMT, new highs, next "was" $INTC, from 'slightly' out-of-the-money to in-the-money! we got fluffy with $BBBY, and puffy with $PM, ... OPTIONS = LEVERAGE .... LEVERAGE = BIG $$

p.s. trade options when confident about market direction, cash or common if not.


BUY ON THE DIP said...

"if" UNH starts the new 52 week high run, look to grab the APRIL 35s.

sara310 said...

keep up the good work