Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who can it be now? ~ Powerwave Technologies, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:PWAV)

BOTD @ WORK ... back from the 2 week vacation!

Powerwave is the BOTD 4G spec play of choice.

With a $1.56 price tag and potential AT&T hooks.

*long $PWAV*

... it's the mini-apple TABLET expansion "hands-high" antenna play.

Pa-Pa-Pa ... PeeeeWave! $PWAV!

p.s. the $2 buck chuck'rs ... $YRCW up 97% & $RTK down 5% ...hmmmm, that worked.


BUY ON THE DIP said...

EXK 3.21 13.03% **hmm
PWOIF 1.72 1.18% **penny piece
PTEC 4.04 3.06% ** i own

Anonymous said...

Can you please throw your thoughts on FAZ and SKF here in this over bought situation?

Also, please throw some light on whether SPNG.ob would be a good buy here.


BUY ON THE DIP said...

i wont look at FAZ or SKF until WFC hits $35.

Unknown said...

Do you guys really believe that WFC will hit 35 ?? What about all the talk about commercial real estat eto fall ??

jd said...

dollar doomed, S&P majorly overvalued.

TONS of Oct SDS calls being purchased. The rally is a sham and the economy is not in a recovery, the plug will be pulled soon by the mainstream media. Perhaps when Wells Fargo gets taken by the FDIC.

Christy said...

Is PWAV supposed to be a buyout play? Or a normal 10%-20% profits play?

What is BOTD playing it?

I'm in at 1.4 and was in it to play the charts, so that I would sell and get out at 1.7 but then I see you guys are looking for a cup? I don't see the cup forming, so is it already get out time?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

looking for $2+ on PWAV

added to RTK today at 1.81,
2.01 0.28 (16.18%)

holding "the RAS"
up 100%+ on YRCW

leftover FRE & FNM

Anonymous said...

Are you guys still positive on Financials? I'm a litle hurting on WFC... just a little... but looks like 'the setting' is turning a little bearish... is it still a good time to be in Financials... and not go FAZ and SKF?
Btw I love the PWAV!