Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HIGH IQ ~ Canadian Solar Inc.(Public, NASDAQ:CSIQ)


+0.67 (+8.24%)

*stop above cost*

... from Canada to China, BOTD wins.
The Chart.ly Chart from last night.
1) significant breakout
2) pullback to the break
3) BOTD long.
p.s. take PROFITS on those $EBAY june $18 calls. (we hit our point, $18) .... look to re-buy the 19s or 20s on the next dip.
p.p.s. que honda?!!? new 52-week HIGH. golden. $SA 26.70 +1.75 (+7.01%)


Anonymous said...

CSIQ on highs.

8.93 +0.80 (+9.84%)

BUY ON THE DIP said...

i felt naked without OPRAH.

added the 19 calls.

just a small spec.

0.40 +0.07 (+21.21%)

BUY ON THE DIP said...

ohhhhhhhh PRAH!

0.42 +0.09 (+27.27%)

BUY ON THE DIP said...


+0.82 (10.09%)

... sea sick? love it.

SA bull said...

Since then, everything has gone right for Seabridge...

The price of gold has soared. And little Seabridge Gold has grown its gold resources exponentially. The company's KSM project is now the "largest undeveloped gold mine in the world, if you remove the projects that are more copper-dominated," according to Rudi. With 61 million ounces of gold in the ground and 11 billion pounds of copper, Seabridge is now "the largest gold deposit ever found in Canada."

At the current price of gold and the size of the deposit now, it is "economic." It's worth it to get the gold out of the ground.

This is a big deal... But the stock is still cheap. Seabridge is now trading for around $15 per ounce of gold in the ground. Even though the company has significantly more value, the shares aren't a whole lot more expensive than they were when I first recommended it, based on the dollars you pay for an ounce of gold in the ground.

Rudi is looking to 2010 to be Seabridge's "endgame." Seabridge will complete its pre-feasibility work then, which takes out all the guesswork for a potential acquirer. The ideal situation for us would be a simple buyout by a major gold compnay like Barrick or Newmont.

"The majors are up against a wall right now," Rudi says. "Majors are now actively looking for advanced-stage projects which provide a number of characteristics." Here's a sample of what the majors are looking for:
Size. "Companies like Barrick and Newmont need size. KSM is about as big as it gets."

A safe jurisdiction. "Canada is probably the best place to be to develop projects in today's world."

Mine life – that's how long a mine will continue to produce. "Our current mine life is expected to be 30+ years... but that could increase."

Low cash costs. "The average cost for majors is $400+ per ounce. KSM will be below $300 per ounce."

Reasonable paybacks. "Majors want projects where they can get their money back in less than one-third of the mine's life. We're easily able to demonstrate that at current commodity prices."
If gold stays at current levels or higher, I expect someone will buy out Seabridge for at least $50 per share – twice the current price.

Hopefully, that will happen in 2010. In the meantime, Seabridge is busy dressing itself up for sale. It's been selling off "non-core" assets (raising $30 million), it's continuing to increase its resources, and its converting resources to reserves.

If you own Seabridge Gold, continue holding. If you took advantage of my initial recommendation, you could potentially make a 2,000% gain...

If you don't yet own shares and you're looking for an inexpensive way (yes, inexpensive... you're buying gold in the ground for $15 per ounce) to own gold with significant upside potential, consider buying Seabridge Gold today.

Your upside is roughly 100%. If the price of gold keeps going up, it's even higher than that.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

SQM 37.36 +1.14 (3.15%)
SA 28.63 +2.09 (7.87%)
CSIQ 9.34 +0.43 (4.83%)
EBAY 18.25 +0.38 (2.13%)

CHNR 12.10 +0.88 (7.84%)
BQI 1.04 +0.05 (5.05%)
DFR 4.26 +0.10 (2.40%)
ETFC 1.61 +0.04 (2.55%)
FBR 0.470 +0.020 (4.44%)

rule #5.

jd603 said...


the question is not if to short this rally, it's when.

what do you think BOTD?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

CSIQ upgraded by OPP.

+1.00 (10.75%)

from $8 to $10+

*sold today, must take profits*